This creature has likely never been in Oregon before

It’s usually found off the coasts of California and northern Mexico. The Oregon Coast Aquarium said this seems to be the most northern spot the California sea hare has ever been found.

Source: This creature has likely never been in Oregon before

Chris Davis & The Unjilted

I already LOVE – ” The Baseball Bloggess’s Blog ! Hmmm … I Wonder …
Do we have more than One Common Bond here ? Baseball is a Big YES; Is the other the Fact that I am a Level 2 Reiki Master ? I Think
that is most Probable ! lol Great Minds Think A Like … So Nice to
Meet you … Your Work here is Amazing Girl ! ( As I am sure that
You are a Very Amazing Woman as Well … Namaste’ – R.D.

The Baseball Bloggess

Chris Davis Baseball

Being jilted is no fun.

Which is a shame because “jilt” is a fun word.

Let’s go a’jilting!

It’s a jiltingly beautiful day, let’s have a picnic.

But, language is fickle and being jilted, of course, is no fun at all.

(If you haven’t been jilted – by a date, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even a fiancé  – you are a rare bird, or a bird with selective memory. You can keep reading, Unjilted One, but this won’t be as meaningful for you.)

So, what to do if you thought you were jilted … but you discover you weren’t? Not jilted. Unjilted. Ajilted. Non-jiltified.

What if you’ve already moved on only to discover that you weren’t jilted after all?

On Saturday morning, reporters learned that Baltimore Orioles first baseman (sometime right fielder and one-time winning pitcher) Chris Davis had re-signed with the club.

Welcome back to Baltimore, Chris Davis! 


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Dan Duquette – 2016 ?

It’s another day passed that DD hasn’t gotten his two prize free agents into the Orioles Fold … Is it really worth playing Tag with Gallardo or Fowler ? Are there other players available that the O’s SHOULD BE Targeting ? Like Tim Lincecum the S.F. Giant that is Floating in the Sea of Unsigned Free Agents out there !! I truly believe that Tim Lincecum would be a Great Fit for Camden Yards and the Orioles ! Lincecum has been working hard in the off-season, with this dad to make whatever adjustments need to be made for him to have an Outstanding Bounce Back Year … Why not have it with the Orioles ? As Long as he doesn’t ask for the MOON that is ! With the Great Bull Pen that DD and Buck have put together for the Orioles – couple that with 5-6 Innings of Good Pitching by Lincecum and the O’s should be able to Count On Timmie for 12+ Wins this year ! I think that it is Worth DD giving him a Try Out and Getting Him into Our ( the Orioles ) Spring Training Camp this year …